Find and select the perfect categories for you and your business. Whether your an industry newcomer or a master of your craft - there's something for everyone at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards. There are no compulspory fees after our low entry fee, which is greatly appreciated towards our day to day running costs. Here at HBA we aim to provide a fair competition for all, no matter social or financial status.


Shortly after purchasing your entries, we'll send you an email with a submission form to fill out; in which you may upload examples of your work and provide thorough responses. Entries are judged on submissions alone. Social media is not taken into account to avoid unfair results and to ensure this is not a popularity contest - so be sure to use this to showcase to the best of your ability, as there will be no futher evidence to submit.


Your submission will be thoroughly reviewed by the board at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards to determine whether you meet the entry requirements to qualify for Finalist Status. This can take up to 4 weeks.


From each pool of successful finalists, the National Top 50 winners are then selected. These are announced on stage at the Hair and Beauty Awards Grand Final. If you are unable to attend the event, you can watch along FREE OF CHARGE on our annual livestream. 


All successful finalists are invited to The UK Hair and Beauty Awards Grand Final: VIP Red Carpet Event, where the National Top 50 will be announced. This evening entails of celebrity attendee’s, hosts and entertainment making it the most elite and exclusive event in the industry. You can attend this in person or watch from home on our FREE livestream.


We want all our contestants to enjoy taking part in our ceremony, therefore it is crucial we have rules in place to ensure all runs smoothly. The UK Hair and Beauty Awards reserves the right to disqualify any participant to be found rule-breaking.

1. Bullying
Bullying, humiliating or speaking ill of other participants or staff members will not be tolerated at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards. Our community is built upon equality and inclusion, we encourage industry professionals to maintain these standards and respect all members of our community.

2. Transparency
Participants should be 100% truthful with the information provided on their application.

3. Public Image All participants are required to keep up a professional industry standard within the press and on social media platforms. If selected, being a finalist means you have been chosen as a representation of our brand The UK Hair and Beauty Awards, and we reserve the right to sanction any titles should we see necessary.

4. Judges right to anonymity 
All judges and the board at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards have the right to be anonymous throughout the entirety of the competition and thereafter. This is solely for the protection of the judges personal and mental wellbeing. 

5. Entry Requirements
- Must be your own original work - May only contain content of which you have all required consent and approvals
- Must comply with all Terms of Use of Instagram (
- Can not contain, as determined by The UK Hair and Beauty Awards content that is sexually explicit, violent, derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, which violates any law, or which communicates messages inconsistent with the positive goodwill that we wish to associate. Submissions must not: (a) violate any third party rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademark rights, or rights of privacy and publicity (b)contain defamatory statements (c) include threats to any persons, place, business, group; or (b) be obscene or indecent Any elements that appear in the submission including, without limitation, images, text, or other materials used must be entirely original and created by the entrant, or be in the public domain. Use of any elements that are not original or in the public domain will result in disqualification of a submission, in The UK Hair and Beauty Awards sole discretion.

By submitting entry, you represent that: (a) you are the creator of your submission (b) you own all rights to the submission content (c) the submission does not infringe upon or violate the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of any third party The UK Hair and Beauty Awards will not make available to the general public or Judges any entry that is obscene, pornographic, violent, offensive in any manner, or in any other way not suitable to be published (as determined solely by the UK Hair and Beauty Awards).

Entrants agree that the inability to publish an entry, or the obscenity, fraudulent nature or invalidity of the registration information (as determined by the UK Hair and Beauty Awards, at their sole discretion) will render the corresponding entry void. 5. The UK Hair and Beauty Awards and Sponsors Rights to Entries By purchasing and submitting an entry you: (a) Irrevocably grant The UK Hair and Beauty Awards and it's Sponsors, it's agents, licensees, and assigns the unconditional and perpetual right and permission to copy, publish, post and adapt in any social media throughout the world without additional review, compensation, or approval from you or any other party. (b) Entrants retain all ownership in the submitted images and only grant limited rights to The UK Hair and Beauty Awards to repost as described in (a) above. (c) Agree not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against The UK Hair and Beauty /awards an/or the Sponsor on the grounds that any use of the entry, or any derivative works, infringes any of your rights as creator of the entry, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, and moral rights.