How does your competition process work?

We do things a little differently at HBA, we believe that you should not have to WIN an award to receive exposure, that’s why our process was created to give maximum exposure for candidates throughout the entire process of our competition and the amazing talent that is entered. We base all our decisions solely on the talent of individuals and businesses, new and old, large and small.


  1. Candidates pay £12 entry fee to any category they wish.


  1. A submission form is sent to individuals/businesses to request evidence for each category entered along with a series of questions.


  1. The submission form is reviewed by our team at HBA and a decision is made on whether they pass the criteria to become a finalist in their desired category. This decision is based on the evidence provided and the answers to each question and is subject to our competition standards.


  1. Once the application deadline is closed on the 31st of January we will continue to review candidates and make decisions and contact successful finalists with their certificates and finalist packs.


  1. Our team at HBA will go through all applications once more to narrow down the top 50 of each category, which will be announced on our online ceremony and there will be a separate certificate provided to each of these candidates.


Each category judge will be sent a package of the top 50 for each category prior to the grand finale. Judges will then decide the top 3 winners, which will be announced on the online ceremony. (1st place receives a beautiful Trophy, 2nd and 3rd receives Certificate)

When is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submissions is 31st January.



How are finalists determined?

All submission forms are reviewed by our team at HBA and a decision is made on whether the businesses/individuals become finalists. This decision is based on evidence provided and the answers to each question. We have our own standards that we use to process applications. 


I have purchased my entry/entries online - what happens next?

After purchasing entries, you will receive a blank submission form via email which is located on your order confirmation. This submission form needs to be filled out and sent back to our team at HBA, once your submission has been logged our team will review your submission and make a decision on your application.


What is your refund policy?

We assess each refund case individually and final decisions are made by our team at HBA and encourage candidates to contact us on our customer service email Customerservice@hairandbeautyawards.co.uk


How do I attend the online ceremony?

All specific information regarding this will be sent to finalists and posted on our website and on our social media on the lead up.


I haven't received an email highlighting a decision on my application?

As all submissions are reviewed individually it may take up to 12 weeks to hear from us with a decision. 


There is an error on my certificate, what should I do?

If there has been a mistake on your certificate highlighting name, positioning or any other aspect, please contact us at

We are proud that none of our certificates are automated and are instead, designed and personalised by our graphics design team. If you encounter any errors with your certificate, our team will be happy to overlook and amend any changes needed.

*Please note as we have many applicants, so messaging on Instagram or any other email addresses aside from customer services, will result in our answer being delayed or your message may not be answered. if you have any queries we encourage candidates to contact us on our customer service email.


We want all our contestants to enjoy taking part in our ceremony, therefore it is crucial we have rules in place to ensure all runs smoothly. The UK Hair and Beauty Awards reserves the right to disqualify any participant to be found rule-breaking.



1. Bullying
Bullying, humiliating or speaking ill of other participants or staff members will not be tolerated at the UK Hair and Beauty Awards. Our community is built upon equality and inclusion, we encourage industry professionals to maintain these standards and respect all members of our community.

2. Transparency
Participants should be 100% truthful with the information provided on this application.

3. Public Image
All participants are required to keep up a professional industry standard within the press and on social media platforms. If selected, being a finalist means you have been chosen as a representation of our brand The UK Hair and Beauty Awards, and we reserve the right to sanction any titles should we see necessary.

4. Entry Requirements
- Must be your own original work
- May only contain content of which you have all required consent and approvals
- Must comply with all Terms of Use of Instagram (http://instagram.com/about/legal/terms/)
- Can not contain, as determined by The UK Hair and Beauty Awards content that is sexually explicit, violent, derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, which violates any law, or which communicates messages inconsistent with the positive goodwill that we wish to associate.

Submissions must not:
(a) violate any third party rights, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademark rights, or rights of privacy and publicity
(b)contain defamatory statements
(c) include threats to any persons, place, business, group; or
(b) be obscene or indecent

Any elements that appear in the submission including, without limitation, images, text, or other materials used must be entirely original and created by the entrant, or be in the public domain. Use of any elements that are not original or in the public domain will result in disqualification of a submission, in The UK Hair and Beauty Awards sole discretion.

By submitting entry, you represent that:

(a) you are the creator of your submission
(b) you own all rights to the submission content
(c) the submission does not infringe upon or violate the intellectual property, privacy or other rights of any third party

The UK Hair and Beauty Awards will not make available to the general public or Judges any entry that is obscene, pornographic, violent, offensive in any manner, or in any other way not suitable to be published (as determined solely by the UK Hair and Beauty Awards). Entrants agree that the inability to publish an entry, or the obscenity, fraudulent nature or invalidity of the registration information (as determined by the UK Hair and Beauty Awards, at their sole discretion) will render the corresponding entry void.

7. The UK Hair and Beauty Awards and Sponsors Rights to Entries
By purchasing and submitting an entry you:

(a) Irrevocably grant The UK Hair and Beauty Awards and it's Sponsors, it's agents, licensees, and assigns the unconditional and perpetual right and permission to copy, publish, post and adapt in any social media throughout the world without additional review, compensation, or approval from you or any other party.
(b) Entrants retain all ownership in the submitted images and only grant limited rights to The UK Hair and Beauty Awards to repost as described in (a) above.
(c) Agree not to instigate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against The UK Hair and Beauty /awards an/or the Sponsor on the grounds that any use of the entry, or any derivative works, infringes any of your rights as creator of the entry, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, and moral rights.